Saturday, February 11, 2012

Campaign Map WIP...almost...almost

Here is the most recent version of my WIP campaign map. I need to add population centres, roads, and maybe some farmland and marshes. This map was designed for functionality over aesthetics due to the needs of the campaign. Otherwise, I would have used a completely different style and textures.

I spent a large portion of my break, today, fleshing out details for the campaign rules, specifically how the individual character attributes interact with the various campaign mechanics. Once this map is complete, I will post a very lengthy post containing all of the rules.

You will notice for this map that I have included much of the neighboring area surrounding the Spanish Netherlands. I figure this will come in handy for the time, should it arrive, that France and the German States become involved, again, the affairs of these new nations.

For any other nation that is off this map, like Denmark, I will simply add a hexagon map version, with an abstraction of the route between the countries. I have it clearly in my mind, but it is difficult to explain. I will post an example at another time.


  1. It's really coming together, I think. I think it's always worth having a map large enough, in a big campaign, to draw in other states - France, German States, and so on. I like the idea of what you would be doing with Denmark as well. In fact, I like where you're going very much indeed!

  2. Thank you for your kindly comments. I am hoping to become proficient enough with CC3 to do maps for each nation that are zoomed in by several levels. We shall see...