Saturday, March 17, 2012

Little Generals Club: March 2012

It has been a while since I was free to attend a club game; I've just been too busy with various things. So, it was a nice change to be able to go and toss some dice around, and "kill" miniatures in the process.

This month's game was put on by Brent, who ran a Warmaster-esque, game, based in a fantasy world. My army ended up being a cultist army, a close ally of the Witch King, who was on the quest to regain his power and glory.
Our opponents were the usual suspects, headed up by my arch-nemesis Bryan...we generally face each other when ever I am able to play a game. Bryan is extremely aggressive in his play...extremely. It usually works for him, which can be maddening at times.
The Witch King and his undead minions.
My cultists...weak, missile armed troops, with the four elephants as the heavy hitters.
What I saw as I looked across the battlefield. Romans on the right, and quasi-Hellenistic greeks on the left.
The Goblin King. He has good troops, and some giants.

A second tribe of gobbos is pictured in the lower right corner. My army is on the right side, close to the top of the photo.

I figured that with Bryan being so aggressive, I would try to bait him out, with the hope of breaking up his brigades through shooting and partially worked. My light troops on the left side of the frame were able to evade the onslaught of the Roman heavies. For a while...

I've lost a unit of light cavalry and a unit of light infantry as bait, but my cunning plan was about to be put into action. Cue the elephants.

The Goblin King at the height of his didn't last.
My right flank. I was feeling good about it.

Nom nom nom, go the elephants!
One Roman cavalry unit down, and 3/4 of another as well.
But, once again, the dice Gods failed they usually do. I did little damage to the Roman infantry...the heavy gits...and when it came time to save against 11 hits against me... I saved all of more than one, but a single hit is all I saved. And from this point, my dice no longer worked.
On My left flank, the Goblin horde, before it is pulverized by the Greeks.

My own center, two turns after the elephants ride off to eternal glory...and into the stomachs of hungry Romans.
My last hurrah. The Roman cavalry got out a little too far in front and I was able to hit it in the flank and front...leaving it little room to escape...and it dies.
As does my the meatgrinder Romans churn through my forces...I score hits, but not enough to remove stands.
Here is Brian, satisfied at the day's work. Damn the man! (I was able to get 11 hits on him in one turn, on one unit, and he saved every damned one of them)
My left flank. Note: there no longer be giants...
My right flank...well, my army is skedaddled, but it would have been my right flank. The undead in the foreground are casualties, not reinforcements. The Witch King is attempting to explain why his army is about to win.... It is not pictured, but there is an Elf King vulnerable to the two undead fliers...the Witch King did have a point.

It was a fun game. I did enough damage to the Romans to nearly break them, but fell a few stands short. However, the moral victory was mine as we discovered that there was a significant imbalance in force points after the battle was over. Instead of being even up between Bryan and I, we first calculated that he had 600 points more...and then later still, we figured that it was more like 1100-1200 points more and my army started with 2950pts.

It's fine though and the point difference did not matter while the game was going on...not all battles are fair fights, after all. It DID seem like I had an impossible task, but my elephants wiped out three cavalry units and most of an infantry unit before I failed to roll saves.

There will be a re-fight, down the road, though, as the Witch King has fallen back to gather his forces once again....and his cultist leader has revenge on his mind.

Oh...and the afterthought of the battle is here:
Because the far left flank just could not bring his opponent to heel. Very few losses were taken by either side on this end of the table.... I am sure the gobbo leader was feeling a bit chapped at the end and wants to get some of his own the next time.

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  1. Looks like a massively epic game!!! And 11 out of 11 saves, you must have been pretty upset?? I would have been!!