Sunday, April 1, 2012

1708 Campaign Rules

The rules, a work in progress, for the upcoming 1708 campaign are kept on a different blog located here:

These campaign rules, largely a work of my own making, but influenced by many different sets of rules that I have acquired over the past 30+ years of wargaming, some rather recently. In some cases, to fill certain campaign needs, I have chosen to utilize commercially published rules, which I own copies of, and since those works are copyrighted, I will not include them in an online format. Instead, I will post links to the rules, were such exist, or provide an explanation as to how or to what extent I will be using them.

If you end up purchasing the rules based upon my mention of them here, please pass that along to the authors. I do want for people to know that their hard work is appreciated.

Also, I am not in any way affiliated with any current rules publishers, although I do happen to be acquainted with or personally know a number of the authors of currently popular rule sets.

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