Friday, June 7, 2013

So, I am back... and it is good.

Apologies for being quiet so long. I was working on finishing up an MA in History and reading 90 books in less than twelve weeks took a lot out of me. The good news is that I earned my MA and graduated in mid-May. The bad news is that during this time, my sons and I had to halt our gaming sessions and I was unable to attend any club meetings. Now, though, apart from an employment search, things are starting to normalize. I must admit, I missed my fellow bloggers and gaming and I look forward to being able to get back to viewing blogs and playing games. Things are still tight financially, but I have a new part-time job as a writer (paid per product) and also a teaching job lined up for July at the university. And... Being able to read books for pleasure again is a boon. More in the near future.


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    1. Thank you. It is a relief to be able to attend to my hobbies once more.

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    1. Thanks, Fran. It is good to be back to reading blogs again.

  3. Good news all round Justin!!! Well done that man!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Ray! The long drama has ended! Now, back to the important things.