Wednesday, October 8, 2014

An End to the Financial Drought

As of today, I started a new full-time job as a 7th grade History teacher. It has been a touch-and-go for a number of years, but the cliched silver lining may actually start to appear...perhaps once my first paycheck arrives.

What this ultimately means is that I will be moving across town as the school is about 25 minutes away on the freeway, but with the price of fuel, the expense will certainly add up. I hope to find a home for rent within a much shorter distance. The move will not only benefit me from saved time and fuel, but also with my sanity. I have been renting a room in a house for over six years and I have little space to do anything in there but sleep and read. Any other painting and terrain projects have taken place in small chunks either at the kitchen table or in the garage, but always with the proviso that I clean up immediately after. This has made it very difficult to paint my troops... A move means I can tailor my space to my needs, instead of the other way round.

On the gaming front, I might be able to purchase, within six months to a year, the long awaited and highly anticipated (for me) Hexon II terrain from Kallistra. Pictures of that stuff makes me drool and the pricetag plus shipping makes me weep. However, I plan on tucking away some funds each month until I can afford to fill a 4x8 table with it.

My gaming mates have all been highly supportive, giving me rides to and from our club meetings and our mid-week game nights. As I had to sell both of my cars over the past few years, this help has been essential to gaming life. I hope to gift them something, each, as a way of giving thanks. I've already promised them dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

Of course, my postings here may be a bit hit or miss (now that I just got back into posting, the difference may not appear to be all that significant) for a bit as I get my feet wet with classroom work as well as teacher training and the additional time needed to get caught up to speed as the first quarter ends this Friday.

I've been working on a terrain project, as time was available, and hope to post something on that later this week. I need to finish the project by Friday, so I might get to the posting that night.

As you can imagine, this has come as a major relief, but I am still in a sort of surreal fog that can only be resolved once my first real paycheck is in hand.

The position will certainly be tough, but tough is easy, it's the impossible that I find difficult.


  1. Congratulations - excellent news! It'll change so many things for the better. Good luck.

  2. Well done Justin, that's great news!!

  3. That's good news for you Justin. Best wishes in your new job. :)

  4. Congrats, good luck with the new job and potential new home.

  5. Most welcome news and congratulations on the new job!