Friday, May 20, 2011

All Things Must Go!

Okay, this will be a LONG post, forgive me, but I did not want to do a series of posts that would stay in the archive. If you are at all interested in any of the items below, please click on the Make Room, Make Room button above and follow the posted directions.

I am not doing this for commercial purposes. I am merely trying to clear out a long held collection of models, so that I can purchase paints and supplies (and maybe some figures). Some may think this a bit crass, but the whole auction atmosphere of Ebay just does not sit well with me. Sure, it is fine for others, but these miniatures are a part of my life and I would rather they go to a "good home" than be snapped up by someone who is likely to turn around and re-auction them for a higher price.

Note: All prices are in US dollars.

$10. Empire Cannon. If you don't have enough shooty bits in your army, this is a cheap way to add more.

$35. Original box that was released ~2000-2001, I forget the exact date.

$20. Skaven Night Runners.

$30. Leman Russ Battle Tank: For those who can never have enough tanks.

$20. Chaos Beastmen Chariot. From an army I never got around to doing. :(

$20 This is the OLD style box with metal command bits, containing 20 plastic skaven, and I think even a movement tray. The box is moderately damaged ( it was also under a 40k game box), and the shrink wrap is open on one corner. I however, I am certain all the pieces are in the box.

$30. I have 2 of these Fellowship boxes.

#30 I have 2 of these Attack on Weathertop boxes.

$35 Chaos Dragon Ogre Shaggoth. As much as I want to keep this one, sadly he must go. :'(

$20 Dwarf Regiment

$20 Chaos Beastmen Regiment of 12 Gors and 8 Ungors.

$35 Imperial Guard Basilisk: Because it IS all about how big it is, after all.

$30  This box of  Chaos Beastmen Khorngors (10 models in a box) would make for great allies of Khorne or Bestigors.

$20. Dark Elf Warrior Regiment.
 $8 each. I have 8 of these unreleased Dark Elf models which, to the best of my knowledge, were only made available to the public as a special GW Games Day event  around 2000-2. If someone were to take all 8 at once, I would be willing to sell the group off for $60.


  1. I'll take the Cadian Infantry boxes, Sentinel, and Command Squad. - Lilted from BT

  2. Excellent, sir. I shall package them up tonight.

  3. I'll take the Slayer Pirates and 8 Executioners. -- MeanBone from BT

  4. Terrific! I have the models in hand and will put them into a box in a moment.

  5. just PMd you on Btown about the questing knights, melkhor, pegasus knights, militia, men at arms and steam tank -cynon from btown

  6. Hey, thanks! I will ship the lot on Tuesday.

  7. Ahoy!

    Just sent you a PM re: Centigors and Khornegors via BT.
    Here's to your paint fund!

  8. @Argos

    I do not have a PM from you on BT. :( Would you mind resending it?

  9. Thank you. I have just finished packing up the items and will be heading to the post office, shortly. I hope you enjoy the figures.

  10. Hi, have you still got those 8 DE metal executioners.

    1. I might have 8 left, Iwill need to look through some box to double check.

    2. It would be graet, I cant wait for info. :)

    3. They may have been in a part of my collection that was stolen from my storage shed last May, but I will look everywhere else they may have been laid and let you know. I hope to have a definitive answer for you by this weeken.

  11. Hi, nearly 2 months passed....I forgot about the case but I just remembered. :)

  12. Yeah, sorry. Got caught up in finishing my M.A. and forgot completely about it. I do have my boxes down, so I will go through them either tomorrow or saturday, depending on work. I really think they were in the box that was stolen, but am not positive. I have a clean out on saturday, so if i have them, they will be found then.