Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Manning my post

I have been asked to put on a fill-in game for the club this coming Saturday. Alex, who was to put on a game, has to be out of town, so we needed to have a replacement game. As several of us active members area to participate in my 1708 campaign (which is very near to starting) it was thought that my putting on another game of the tactical rules, Beneath the Lily Banners 2nd edition, would be a good idea. Of course, I heartily agreed!

So, I have spent the past few days between working on the rules for the campaign, finalizing the campaign map (of which I lost a few hours of work the other night when the render attempt failed and corrupted my last save), and painting more of my troops (for this weekend's game and for my campaign army).

I will not post the scenario here as it is to be kept secret from my clubmates...a few of whom visit here and may read what they should not know. However, I plan on taking photos and having a battlereport posted after the game. Actually, I have another battle report from a 28mm Warmaster game last week, but I've been so busy that I have no had a chance to post it.

I need to get back to painting now; I've three Front Rank models to be painted tonight, one a standard bearer and the other two as brigadiers.

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