Saturday, May 21, 2011

Little General's Club: May Game

For our club game, we had 2 Vietnam games, "North of Dong Ha, April 1968." Essentially, we had two different tables set up, representing a US Marine Battalion (Reinforced) assaulting two VC villages defended by an NVA regiment plus about a battalions worth of VC. As I had brought my five sons and a nephew, we had plenty of players for both sides, especially as a battle for a War of the League of Augsburg campaign was going on at the same time.
 US Marine Force on the left, NVA/VC on the right.
 Situation normal...all fouled up. That darn Marine unit in the center holds off all comers

Meanwhile, the campaign game got off to a banging start...
 It doesn't look good for the Ottomans (on the left)

Well, the NVA/VC were doing fairly well on the other table, but on my table, we just could not out-roll the US side. Time and again, our opposed rolls were...well, opposed. We did spring a battalion sized ambush on a company of Marines...and out of 36 die rolls, achieved a total of 3 hits....sigh. This occurred on the Western edge of the table. In the center, there were two companies of Marines, commanded by my nine year old. He outfought 2 NVA battalions and 2 VC companies and, to be honest, this was really only with a single company of Marines.
A nine year old's game face...

To make matters worse.. so much worse, my 20 year old comes on to the South map edge, on the flank and behind the NVA/VC....wiping out a company of my VC and eliminating a third of an NVA company.

A gleeful son deploying on his father's flank and rear...

Since the battle briefing was very specific as to the presence of only a single Marine Battlion being present on both total... I am thinking the Vietnamese forces got a load of bad intel. Oh...and I forgot to mention the addition of armor units entering the map at the end....

All in all, we each had a lot of fun. I feel the rules beat me even more than bad die rolls...but maybe it was because my troops started with D6 quality and we were facing D8 quality... and they kept rolling more eights than us.

My sons and I had to leave before the campaign battle really got going, so I will have to find out how that ended. From what I saw, though, the Ottoman player was outnumbered by a combined force of Swedes and Russians and was running out of table as they pressed in on three sides.

It was all downhill for the Turks from this point...

Next month we are to play Waterloo, using Age of Eagles.

On a side note, it turns out four of us are seriously collecting War of the Spanish Succession figures, so we may have a campaign of our own in the not too distant future. After discussing the forces being collected by the others, I have decided to create an English Allied army, focusing on English and Dutch units. The unfortunate thing, though, is that everyone else is basing on 1.25 x1.75 (infantry) and 2x2 (cavalry) and I just got all of these 2x2 bases. I think I may just have to go with my bases and see if the others will use sabots or movement trays or just go with me using a slightly large basing scheme.

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