Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Note to visitors from Bartertown

First, hello and thank you for checking on the items I have for sale. Second, I happen to have a large number of blisters and boxed sets of GW models and figures that are currently in storage. I also have a large number of loose sprues...LOTS and LOTS, tbh.

I hope to get more of this stuff sorted and pics posted. I do ask that you either bookmark this page or even "Follow" it as I do not plan to repeatedly post on BT. Nothing against that site at all, on the contrary, but I am just very busy trying to rearrange my living quarters.

FWIW, I do know I have Mordheim, Man O War, Epic 40k, and BFG figures. I even have a 3Up metal casting of a BFG Cruiser that can easily stand in for a Chaos Dreadnought. Additionally, I have the unreleased (except for a Games Day event, I believe) Dark Elf Executioner models (about 16 or 20). If any of you even think you would be interested in these models, then comment about it on on this post, please.

Thanks again.


  1. if you get a chance, I'd like to see a pic of the DE executioner models.


  2. If you still have the executioners please contact me:

    lilloser2008 {at}