Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo day...

I am spending a part of this morning (and probably afternoon) going through my large collection of unopened and still shrink wrapped Games Workshop boxed sets. Well, ONE of the boxes was opened, but I decided that since everything was there, I would go ahead and see if someone wanted it more than I do.

My plan is to take digital pics of each of these items, today, and post the pics up tonight or tomorrow. Right now, I have 23 items, but I know I have more in large boxes in storage. I hope to go through that lot next week.

If I should be so fortunate as to move all of this stuff (a big IF), then I plan on using the proceeds to purchase the Vallejo paints that I need for painting the figures I currently have. Otherwise, I will be making a coin jar.


I hope to crack open the three boxes of Wargames Factory ( WSS infantry that I bought recently. I plan to take pics as my work on these troops progress. With the WSS cavalry about five to six months away, I have plenty of time to get the infantry all sorted.

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