Sunday, May 15, 2011

Projects for the Year

     I will post photos later, but right now I am working on several different projects with regards to historical miniatures.
     1) 28mm WSS British Army.
       I have three boxes of Wargames Factory plastic infantry. With their current overstock sale, I may    be  able to afford to purchase another three boxes; a great start to any army. Since a FOG list, or even ruleset, does not exist (yet?) for this period, I am likely going to use Ridiculous Vanity as my local gaming group is involved in a campaign using that system.
     2) 6mm ECW/TYW Army.
       Several years ago, I purchased Baccus 6mm ECW figures. Unfortunately, a move and a divorce caused me to have to store these lads away. However, now that life has given me a little time and space, I am preparing them to finally receive some paint and basing love. I may go ahead and start two armies, a NMA and a Royalist army, based for FOG:R. However, I do want to build a TYW Early Swedish army too...maybe my ECW Royalists could pull double duty.
     3) 28mm Late Republican Army.
      My local clubmates are discussing a Roman Civil War/ImagiNations campaign using FOG. I purchased a box of Wargames Factory Romans and am pleased with the price and quality. For only a modest investment, I can have a decently sized army. I DO want pre-Marian Romans, but I cannot afford metal on a student budget.
    4) Rebuild my selection of paints.
     Well, $500 of wargames paints went into the bin a few months ago. They did not survive nearly six years in storage, following my move from Wisconsin and my subsequent divorce. I just picked up a Vallejo Model Colour starter set...cough...cough...but that expense was covered by my selling back a number of books I had purchased for my classes this semester.
     5) Sell off unopened boxes of Games Workshop WHFB figures, LOTR figures, and 40,000K figures.
      As I have about $1000 (retail) of figures that I will not be using in the foreseeable future, I need to create space for my historicals...and also fund my purchases of historical wargaming figures. I hope to sell these all off for a decent price.
     6) 28mm TYW Swedish Army.
      While I can more easily afford to build armies in 6mm, I really enjoy painting 28mm. So, my plan is two build two opposing armies in 6mm for each era, backed up by a single 28mm army. Warlord puts out a fairly affordable line of plastics for TYW, and I really think highly of John Stallard, so I will give these a shot, when my wallet says I can.Will be based for FOG:R.
     7) Develop a campaign system for a TYW campaign.
      I have brainstormed a TYW campaign, using a nodal map (probably the one from GMT's Thirty Years War), for use with FOG:R armies. I need to flesh out what I currently have as bullet points and discuss it with some of my wargaming mates to see what holes need to be plugged.
     8) 6mm French and Austrian armies for 1805-1809.
      Neal at gifted me with a copy of the Grand Armee rules about six years ago. We were supposed to play a couple of battles, but my unanticipated move cost me that opportunity. Neal is a great guy and I hope to one day have that game. Until then, though, I plan on painting up the 6mm Baccus French that I have and then purchase and paint 6mm Baccus Austrians. My cousin, Brad, and I have played a few games of Grand Armee, sans miniatures, and really like the system (thank you, Neal!). I like it so well, I want to run a test campaign for a few of my clubmates to see if we want a larger campaign for the full club.

    Well, that is it for now, but I will post some photos later on.

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