Monday, June 6, 2011

Mustering the Troops, Part III

Even with my sons here, I was able to get in a little late-night painting done on Saturday and Sunday. 
Using the colors pictured at top, I began work on the drummer, whose coat would be the same as the facing color for the rest of the battalion. The pic on the above shows the results after the first two colors have been applied.

 These are the colors I used for the leatherwork, but I am not quite sure it looks right. I think I may use the Vallejo Buff as only a highlight, in the future, as the uniform plates I am using as a source indicate a much more yellowish-brown for the buff coloring than what the Vallejo Buff paint gives (looks too cream colored, imo).
 While there is entirely too much light in this pic, you can still see how the leather appears. I worked to keep the painting of the parts consistent, meaning I always painted the different faces in the same direction on each model.
 Sorry that this is blurry, but I was fighting with my camera at 2am. It is just another look at how the leather turned out, as well as the green on the cuffs.

 These are the colors I used in order, from left to right, for the coats (and drummer's cuffs). I mixed Vallejo Lemon Yellow (because that is the only yellow I currently have) 1:1 with GW Blood Red for the final highlight on the coats and drummer's cuffs.

I have since chosen to paint the legwear as trousers and hose. I hope to post pics of that later, perhaps tomorrow evening.

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