Monday, July 18, 2011

Little General's Club: August Game

Well, this month's club game turned out to be chariot racing, put on by none other than Greg...the collector and purveyor of eclectic wargames. He did a great job, especially with all five of my sons and my nephew attending...he has more patience than I, I guess.

Two races were run, with the second being far more violent than the first...
 Man down. This is before the chariots made the first turn. However, the driver was able to get up and catch his chariot once again.
 The first turn, the charior behind the center terrain didn't get much smacked into the wall and the driver ended up afoot.
 Another unhappy chariot driver, again smacked into the wall and the chariot was destroyed.
The leaders nearing the end of the first lap.
Here, the winning driver runs across the finish line while his chariot races away from him.

2nd race

 After the first couple of turns, everything went downhill quickly, with drivers pulling out the whips and shortswords.
 The first two chariots have made the first turn on the first lap, and we have one driver dead due to being run over, by Brent, and a second dead from being stabbed by another driver (again Brent's centurion).
And yet another driver, my son Fionn's, is done to death by the bloody gladius of Brent's centurion, both drivers having been thrown from their chariots and fighting over the closest one. The other drivers were glad to be in front of the deadly action.
 Dead drivers and driverless chariots being pulled off the sand...
 The death dealing centurion is in the black chariot being drawn by black horses...and no, he easily avoids the busted chariot two hexes in front of him.
 The leader has just finished the first lap.
 Three chariots, including Brent's, all facing in different directions following a series of failed control checks....and the figure on foot, in front of Brent, is my son, Michael's, driver, but he was able to jump out of the way and get back onto his chariot.
 Two turns later, the field of competitors, reduced from 8 to 3, starts to break open, with a clear leader having the advantage.
We nearly called the game here, as my sons and I had to leave (took them to see the new and last Harry Potter movie). Yet, the game continued, with a substitute player taking over Michael's chariot. I have no idea how the race ended, but I expect it was not all touchy-feely goodness.

I spent the bulk of the time talking with club members about next month's game, a WSS game that I am putting on, and about our upcoming convention that we are hosting in November, so I did not play at all this weekend.

My sons and nephew had a great time, though, with much laughter, even by those who were knocked out early on (dad had conducted a pre-game sportsmanship tutorial and was proud his lads listened and learned).

Next month, I am putting on a game in preparation for my events at the November con. I am planning to run a scenario based on a portion of the action at Blenheim using Beneath the Lily Banners, using 28mm figures.

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