Monday, July 4, 2011

Mustering the Troops, Part V

I am slowly progressing on these infantry. I need to have 18 twelve-figure battalions done by 1 November for a game I am putting on at a mini-con.

I need to purchase a can of flat varnish and the unit flags, so I won't finish the basing until I have the varnish.
 The Front Rank standard bearer is a bit too bulky, but as it is in the back rank, I figure it will be fine.

 I am not a fan of black lining, so I use the black undercoat and wetbrush technique.  The drum shows off how this best works.
 Focus is on the standard bearer in the rear. Dixon figures are better suited, sizewise, to the WGF plastic infantry, but I really like the FR sculpts and the casting is cleaner, imo.

Two drummers from different battalions. I tried a different method for the white coat as I usually apply 8 or 9 thin layers of white over the primer, but I went with two grays and a white, this time. I like how the blue coat turned out.

I need to finish the sashes and as I don't have a scarlet paint, I have to mix my own shade. I also need to get a brass paint.

I am working on the musketeers for these battalions, this week, as well as the standard bearers.


  1. Nice work, how far are you off the 18 needed?

  2. Including the units I have painted and based, I need 18 more. :)

  3. Great work Justin!! Are you going to use BLB? It sounds as though you may because of the 18 figs a regt?

  4. @Ray

    Yes, I will be using BLB with a roster and 12 figure battalions. Am going with 12 due to budget considerations and as that is the basing scheme used by my club members.