Sunday, August 14, 2011

Busy busy busy

The past couple of weeks have been really busy for me, preparing for the new semester, for my year of student teaching, fighting with the university over financial aid (student loans), and being impoverished whilst awaiting a paycheck.

BUT, I did shave my beard and mustache off; I have to "look professional" for student building I think they call it.

I also received an order of 15mm Essex Napoleonic French and Russians. A small order, really, just to fill out a few bases for DBN armies. Several of us in the local club are going to be participating in a Napoleonic campaign soon.. I hope soon.

I also received this game which looks like a good, fast, game; a game that may also be used for running a WSS campaign. I am hoping to play it this week and post a review of it to go with a battle report.

Oh, I also received this rulebook, as well. One of my sons has expressed a real interest in playing it, so I expect to build a couple of fleets for him and I to battle each other with. That is, once my finances are sorted out.

I should get a few posts in this week, to round out some painting news, battle report/game review, and other things.

And as a final note, my 17 (almost 18) year old painted his first miniatures last week (15mm Napoleonic Russians). He did a good job on them and I hope he enjoyed the experience, in spite of developing a pain in his neck...but that is because he has never used those muscles before.


  1. Good to hear sir, may need a new profile picture sans beard and mustache.

  2. I will put one up later today. Thanks!

  3. I was gonna say a new photo is in order but Fran beat me to it!! You can't go wrong with Essex figures, they're great to paint and look the part when finished and based up, looking forward to see some pics!

  4. Ray, I will upload the new pic soon, once I find the bloody USB cable for it. :) Yes, I do like the Essex castings. I bought them at 50% of, which is what caused me to buy them originally, but now, I may purchase more at full price!