Thursday, January 26, 2012

Army Painter and WSS painting guide

I have long been a fan of Games Workshop paints, but after losing $400+ worth due to long term storage issues, I have begun to purchase paints from other brands, namely Vallejo. However, I have just per-ordered the mega paint set from Army Painter through my buddy Neal at the War Store. I expect to receive it sometime in February after it is released. I really like the fact that AP have various colors of spray paint, far more than GW did when I worked for them. I will likely purchase a few different cans to aid the completion of new armies. Yet, I am not fully convinced that the "dip" method is completely to my liking as I prefer highlights on the models. What I need, though, is a painting guide using the AP paints. As I do to have all that many Vallejo paints, I am not sure what colors are compatible. So, I am wondering if there is a guide on what AP paints work best for WSS armies. Anyone?


  1. Don't know of any such list Justin?? But I can vouch for the AP spay cans, I bought two cans of red and undercoated my NYW English with it. It certainly saved me loads of time!!!

  2. Did you use the dip or did you shade and highlight with other paints?

  3. I use Windsor and Newton Peat Brown writing Ink, watered down 50/50. Slap it all over, then when its dried, I hand varnish with matt varnish, this rubs some of the ink off and leaves it in all the creases. Then varnish again with a spay....easy??