Monday, January 23, 2012

Imagi-nation and me

Well, I am taking the plunge and creating an imagi-nation, complete with neighbors, so that some gaming friends and I can have our own campaign, outside the club meetings. My idea is to expand upon the concept by creating an alternate history and placing our nations inside it. I am also kit bashing a bit of rules together to set parameters for our nations, armies, leaders, etc. I doubt I will dwell too heavily on an economic model, but that may change a little. I have some newly published campaign rules in the mail to me, which I will review here, that I will modify using rules that I like from other gaming systems. My intent is to blog the history of my own nation, with the hope that the others will also, and add to it fairly frequently. I have already written a brief synopsis of events which establish the alternate history, to a degree, which will be added upon in the future. You can find this info here and I will add an official link to that blog once more work has been completed for it. Comments are always welcome!