Thursday, February 9, 2012

Comments Wanted! : WIP Campaign Map

Here is a sample viewing of the WIP map that I am finishing up for my imagi-nation campaign. I need to add forests, the French border, the smallish border states, and another border for a province in the north. I already have placeholders for many of the larger cities, which are not shown, but I am looking for symbols or textures that will work with this style of map, and have yet to find something I can use. I would love to find Vauban style fortress symbols, but I will probably end up going to some old, very detailed, maps of France that show the fortresses, and then copy those and create my own symbols...we'll see.

I am not certain I will even attempt to add the canals and just assume they exist, but are too small to show up at this scale. The same may apply to all the small rivers that are, in reality, present.

I do not know how I feel about the abrupt shift from a smooth grassland texture to the blurred stark color change for the mountains, but none of the textures I found for mountains could be reasonably used in this type of map.

I expect that I will treat the forests in a similar way that I did the mountains, and thus not add a texture, maybe that will help balance things out.

In the meantime, I have been writing down notes on my ipad for the actual campaign rules. These include national characteristics, character stats, the tactical rules modifications, the modifications to the campaign rules that I recently purchased, and modifications to a skirmish rule set that I am extracting and converting from Games Workshop's Mordheim rules. I am also working on modifying Kenzer & Co's, Hackmaster rules for detailed character backgrounds, so that each major character can have a common rules foundation.

My order of Army Painter spray cans and Quickshade arrived this week and I will need to go get a cheap lamp to use for my painting table. I plan on getting a few units painted in the next week or two (I have three extra days off due to holidays and a furlough day).

Unfortunately, my scooter still is not starting and while I am hoping it is merely the spark plug, with my abysmal luck, it will be something that is no longer made or will cost far more than I can afford. Even finding someone local who is willing to work on the scooter has been a problem.


  1. A great looking map, loads of detail!!

  2. Thanks Ray! About six hours of work into it.

  3. I love the map, it's looks great to me.....

  4. Appreciate it, Fran. Hope to have it done this weekend, or mostly done...