Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ebor Miniatures: Me likey!

I bought a small sample of WSS officers from Ebor Miniatures to see if they went with my WF WSS infantry. Due to my budget (that of an unemployed full-time graduate student/teaching credential student) I am building my WSS/imagi-nation army out of plastic. However, I want a little more character in each of my battalions, so I have purchased models from Front Rank and now Ebor.

While Front Rank look, well, amazing, they are far too "beefy" to look proper when mixed within a unit of my plastic soldiers. They work perfectly as generals, but not when based within a unit.

On the other hand, the Ebor models pictured above and below are...for the lack of a better word, perfect! They are actually ever so slightly smaller than the WF figures, but withing a unit, they look fine. The only gripe I have is that their range is rather small at the moment, especially for officer models. Happily, they are releasing a few more models that are officers, in the near future, and a few more later in the year, after they do Spanish WSS figures. At just about $2 each, before shipping, they are comparable in price to Front Rank.

Now, for the bad news. As they came from the UK, I expected a modest amount of dents, dings, and bends. Unfortunately, the way one of the officers is molded, the one waving his hat, his scabbard is on the verge of snapping off. The model itself is just too thin there, the scabbard that is. In places, it is thinner than the sword. It also looks like there was a bit of flashing still there after casting, as someone has obviously taken a file to it before shipping it to me. Also, on the standard bearer officers, where the lace should be raised along the front buttons and back trim, it is actually indented. This means my new, as yet unused, can of Strong Tone from Army Painter will flow into where the lace is supposed to be.

Sigh... glad I noticed before I applied paint to it.

However, I am pleased with these models and will be ordering the new poses of officers as they are released. I am hopeful that the Spanish line have some models I can use as well.

Now, they need to release pikemen and my world will be complete.

The Wargames Factory model is shown for size comparison purposes. Otherwise, being a commoner, the officers would not venture to even be seen in his company.


  1. I love this period and once did it, they're nice alright as Front Rank really are big figures....

  2. They do like nice the new Ebor minis! What about 15mm? cheap and very easy to paint??

  3. I have 15mm Napoleonics. My clubmates are building 25mm/28mm WSS armies and I wanted to be able to play along side them.

    My next big project, when I have a paying job (I currently teach for free), is 1809 France vs Austria in 6mm from Baccus.

    Between now and then, from selling off the rest of my GW collections, I will be slowly building FOW 3rd armies (Germans and Russians, most likely).

    In the meantime, I have about 20 battalions of WSS that I need to finish assembling and painting and about the same number of cavalry squadrons.