Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Murphy's Law: Well enforced.

Within my family, we are all too familiar with Mr.Murphy and his unfortunate law. We are also very familiar with the proverb "when it rains, it pours." Often, we are on the receiving end of both at the same time.
In my case, I have had two yearn of dreadfully bad luck with all things electronic and mechanical. I had a motor scooter kill itself one day after the warranty expired. Two months later, the nice, just out of warranty, video card that cost me over $300 died. Five months later, my laptop keyboard went screwy and I could not type Os or Ls.
Fortunately, the laptop was under warranty, so they replaced the keyboard, with a keyboard that has a problem with all the keys on the left side...they "stick" and do not pop back up as they should. So, I need to send it off again.
Last night, after three hours of diligent work on my campaign map in CC3, the program crashed and closed, before I could save the mountain contours I had just finished. I went back to open the auto saved map, but the autosave had somehow turned it self off...I hadn't turned it off, but it was off, so I lost all the work I had done and that meant the map that I would have posted today, as a completed map, must be reworked again.
My new motor scooter choose not to start up today, no matter what I did.
My pen leaked all over my hand and then was almost immediately stolen by one of my students when my back was turned...hope it leaks in their bag or pocket.
And my friggin Internet connection on campus intermittently decides that while I have already logged in and have been typing, while on break, that I need to log I again...and again...and again..but each time, the log in and password that I always use are not recognized as valid and so I must log in again...and again...and again.
Some days, it is not worth the bother of getting out of bed...


  1. Oh dear! Go home, crack open a few beers and put your feet up!! Let's hope you have a little more luck tomorrow!!!

  2. Thanks Ray. My liquid of choice is Coca-Cola, and I have a litre with me. I have five hours yet before I can be home.

    ...and, I had to attempt to relog on the local Internet for about ten minutes before I could type this...

    Napoleon would have hated me as I am "unlucky."

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I had a USB drive die, which was the backup for a hard drive that died...causing me to lose a 25 page graduat writing sample for my MA. That happened only last week.

  3. Christ, reading this post is probably upsetting Murphy, luckily I'm Irish......