Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coughing fit

Well, I am working on a couple of variations of the campaign map. I received my copy of the U.S. Army Atlas of military operations in Western Europe earlier in the week and it has caused me to work up some minimalist versions of the map. I need a texture for the forests, and then I will be set.
I also need responses to the emails I have sent out to my club members as I need to know which nations they wish to control. As they are able to name the nation and principle cities, I cannot finish off the map without the feedback.
As I was very ill this past weekend, a bug I picked up for my students, I did no work on miniatures. However, I am feeling much better and will be able to work on them this weekend, in the evenings.
With the rising prices of gasoline, petrol to my friends in the UK, I am very happy that I have a scooter. Yet, it is still not running, but is in the shop. It is likely an issue with the valves, so an affordable adjustment, I should have it for next week.
I have a night class tonight, so I will get nothing done except a bit of sleep, unfortunately. I have thirteen more hours to go before that...


  1. Keep plodding along Justin, I'll look forward too seeing the updated map and a few more of your figures!

  2. This is sounding better and better, hope the scooter is sorted quick.......

  3. Thank you gents. Once this gets off the ground, I hope to have regular updates, complete with photos, diaries, and reports. There is more I will mention later...