Friday, February 17, 2012

WIP Map new versions

I have been working on variants of the campaign map, just to see what looks better, but also is useful for the campaign. Here are two samples, a sepia and a more NATO-esque version. I removed the hex grid from both as it cluttered the map horribly and made it difficult to see the changes.

 Getting the elevations to have a distinct visual appearance was the easy part, getting the woods to look right...well, I went through nearly all of the available line fills and this is what looked best from the options...but I am not satisfied with it. I will have to play with the various mechanisms that allow me to tweak the appearance of the outline for the woods, to see if there are any other ways to make them stand out, but in an appealing way.
The national borders are also off, but that is because the colors were difficult to see on the sepia version and I switched them all to black, not realizing that none of the borders would show up when I did that because there was no longer a visual difference between them. I will have to go back to an earlier map version and make the same changes, for the borders to show up again.

I could not use a texture on the sepia version, the sepia overlay doesn't see the texture, so it just shows as white. I like the NATO type version, probably because I am used to that style.


  1. Nice maps, I prefer the sepia one, the Nato one looks very stark. Are you going to use hex movement still?

  2. Ys, we will still be using hexes, but at the scale of th map and the size of the hexes, they clutter these versions, badly. I need to export a larger version, with the hexes, for actual play and planning. I intend to zoom in by several levels, one I learn how to do that, using this program.

    If you think that you, Fran and perhaps the other Rejects may be willing to make some decisions for the "major powers" from time to time, that would be I am playing in the campaign, too, I want to be as surprised as the other players at certain decisions or outcomes.

    And I will need some help, as I mentioned to go before, in having proxy games fought. Let me know...

  3. That'd be great!!!!! I'd love to help you and I'm sure some of the Rejects would as well.

  4. Excellent! I will work up a brief to send to you, for the interested Rejects to peruse. Will send it to your email in a week or so.