Saturday, February 18, 2012

WIP Sepia Map with Political Borders

Since Ray from Don't Throw a 1 liked the sepia version below, I wanted to find a way to clearly show the borders. Here is the result.

Of course, I still need to add the text and location of population centers, but this appears to be useable, even with the hex grid.

As each hex = 5 miles, once the maps are zoomed in, quite a lot of detail can be added, especially map topography that would be useful information for tabletop battle terrain.

I am off to a Motorcycle Safety course, so I will be having fun for the next 7 hours or so,


  1. That looks excellent!!!! Have fun on your Motorbike!!

  2. Thanks! I did have fun, tiring fun, but fun. Another five hours of it tomorrow and my insurance rates will be lowered.