Saturday, April 28, 2012

Murphy visits again!

And so, as I try to finish off the semester, whilst working unpaid as a teacher, I am dealing with an ever shrinking amount in my bank account.

Thus, when my scooter refused to start...again!...two weeks ago, and I had to spend 5x the amount on fuel than I normally do, through borrowing a car from my parents, my carefully constructed budget that is to have lasted me until July, is gone at the end of May as a result.

But hey, the repairman fixed my scooter yesterday and I got to drive it home...only to have it not start this morning.

It costs me $20 in gas just to drop off and pick up the scooter in a truck, due to the distance to the repair shop...and no one else locally repairs this kind of scooter (the three others are either out of business, moved, or stopped working on them).

To top it off, the summer job that I have worked at the past three years previous is no longer using writing there goes my summer job...and the money to fix my motorcycle (and apparently my scooter).

Only the tip of the iceberg as my S.S. Titanic shudders from running into it....

I am likely going to have to put up for sale a number of games from Games Workshop that are extremely rare... Man O' War being one, and hope I can earn enough to live on for a while...until this economy turns around.

Mr. Murphy needs to go plague someone else for a while...

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  1. Not very good news! Its bad when it comes down to your collection!!!!