Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little General's Club: June 2012

This month, we played SKANK,  a  homebrew set of rules by some guys on the internet. Click the link to check it out. Anyhow, a major portion of the forces involved on one side were my old 40K Black Templars army, which I had traded to Bryan for a horde of 15mm Napoleonics....and some SYW Prussians (which I am still the awaiting arrival of). I built the 40k army when I was an employee of GW, back in 2001, for a staff tournament, but I have gotten out of sci-fi and fantasy gaming, as least as far as collecting armies, and needed to unload the troops.

So, this month, we had a desperation scenario where the Templars had to close a demon-gate which a champion of Khorne had managed to open.

 The field of battle, as seen from the far left of the Templar side (which is to the right of the frame).
 Most of the infantry pictured here, and both dreadnoughts are formerly mine. I painted them all and every model that I assembled was modified/converted to some degree.
The Khornate army....the evil gits.
 This neophyte was converted using the heads, legs and arms of Catachan Jungle Fighter plastics, a Space Marine torso, and weapon from Necromunda. All of the neophytes were converted in this manner.

 The Templar space marines had the metal shoulderpads and backpacks with the Templar insignia...color coded by squad, which you can barely make out to the right of frame.  The bases were 40K standard, but with cobblestone plastic sheeting added to give it a "street" feel as these were done when Cityfight came out in 2001.
My forces and my position. Initially, I was supposed to attack, but after I saw the massive numbers of close combat specialists facing me, I decided to defend my position.

 After the first turn, my demolisher had a nice, juicy target, which did not live past turn 2.
My land raider sticks its nose out, just for a look see...and not liking what it see, is about to reverse back into its starting position....oh, I do fire everything at the bloody rhino, but fail to hit or penetrate its armor, depending on the weapon fired.

 Much gnashing of teeth followed the elimination of one full squad of Khornate heavy infantry...but that damn Khornate land raider got payback...and then some. 

One dead Demolisher...and a horde of infantry incoming...3 squads of enemy infantry are just on the other side of the building in the center.
 See! The yellow die on the rhino was the result of fanatical assaults by Ron's Templar infantry, he was to my right. My Land Raider fired at it...and either missed or had no result...sigh.
 But my dreadnought at the window, along with my line of infantry, dished out a bit of death to the two infantry squads on the other side of the building on the left. And yeah...the dead rhino was due to another close assault...but hey, my Land Raider killed a couple of infantry that were taking cover behind it.

Um...yeah, here's that Khornate Land Raider about to unload its infantry...who proceeded to wipe out Jeff's squad on my left flank. The troops in the center left foreground are two more of Jeff's squads...who, between them, have but a single weapon which can even damage that tank....and my shots against it missed during the entire game.

 The one squad in the center, with its back to us, well, that is the remainder of a full squad that took the brunt of fire from my Land Raider and the one dreadnough...hehehe....On the far right, you can see the building where Ron's forces gave a valiant, but suicidal, fight...taking out a couple of vehicles, immobilizing a couple of walkers, and damaging two other walkers...before falling under the scything powerweapons of the hellish Khornate forces.
 A stand off at high noon, between my immobilized dreadnought and the Khornate Land matter how much guff I gave him, Neil refused to do the right thing and close in for a ram...which would have given my dread a chance to damage it...nooooo, he had to shoot at it for a couple of turns before he could kill it...@!&$
 My own Land Raider pulls back to cover the breakthrough by the Khornate forces...Ron is down to 3 Terminators, barely out of frame to the right.
 Closing in for the kill, Neil again fires all he's got at my dread...which is now supressed...but not before it dishes out 6 hits against a single enemy infantry model... which causes the rest of that squad to remain behind the building...where I can see it through the open window and nearly wipe it out with infantry fire.
My Land Raider's final shots immobilize the Juggernaught on the right and kill the dreadnought to its left...and then the Khornate Land Raider gets in three penetrating shots on me....BOOM! (@#&$*# @$^!)....sigh

 The demon-gate, the object of our mission....which survives unscathed a hail of fire by the Templars pictured...who are then wiped out to a man.....

Victory to Khorne...



  1. Damn good batrep and figures Justin, have used or read those rules before....

  2. Thanks Fran! I had lousy rolls, as normal, for most of the game, but for two consecutive turns, I hit about 90% of my shots...missing the Khornate land raider and dropping two shots against some infantry...and this was needing less than 8 on a D20 to hits, so my lads gave a bit of grief to those scum in red before being forced to withdraw.