Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mr. Murphy strikes again!

My bad luck just piles on...and on...and on.

My scooter, three days after getting it repaired (again), threw its in literally, the thing flew off when I was making a left turn... and is now kaput.

Next, the box of about $1600 in minuatures, including thousands of 10mm Warmaster figures that I was going to sell, some GW Dark Elf un-released figures that I had a buyer for, and a large quantity of Mordheim models that I had another buyer for, was apparently stolen out of my parent's shed in their back yard (within the past month or so). Someone had to brazenly go through the yard, get into the shed, and then see that these things had some value...and on the top of the box was a large bag of hospital tongue depressors, about 3000 of them. They left the computer monitor, computer parts, and camping gear...and took my one huge, heavy, box.

I had planned on this as a source of income for the summer, while I looked for a job. Some moron likely thought the metal figures could be sold for scrap... and when he found out they had no street value, tossed them.

My county has over 15% unemployment right now...and without the cash to repair my ability to find work is even further reduced.

My 44th birthday is in a few weeks and I am unlikely to have an enjoyable memory of it, now that I cannot go out or even buy myself a gift.

I am not pitying myself, just venting...and if I catch anyone sneaking into my parent's yard in the future...they will not be walking or even running away...crawling perhaps, but they will become the focus of these frustrations.


  1. That's fecking terrible, very sorry to hear it and I hope some good karma comes your way very soon Justin!

  2. Sounds like your not having a good time of it, thieving b&%!£$*s!!!!
    I haven't forgotten your game, but with the demo game we've been busy trying to sort out, I'm afraid your game was pushed back a bit. It's all ready to go, we've just got to set a date.

  3. Thanks gents...there's things that happened that are MUCH worse, even, but they are too raw and too personal to delve into online. Thus, I have not posted in a bit until today.

    Ray, no worries about the game. I haven't started the campaign yet, due to these other issues, but I am hoping to start in about a month.