Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some guys have all the luck!

Ray over at Don't Throw a 1 has received 250,000 hits and is giving away a nice prize; he's painting up some of your figures for you!

Not only is Ray a nice guy, but so is his erstwhile companion in arms, Fran, at The Angry Lurker. Between them, these two gents have over 600,000 hits.

Where am I on this hit list?... erm...less than 6000.  I guess I am still the unpopular bloke in the corner, hoping to be noticed. :)

Well, grats to Ray, and a belated grats to Fran, as both are on the path to becoming internet LEGENDS....yes, LEGENDS!

Oh, and if you haven't already done so, see that blue "join this site" bar on the left side of this page? Yes, that one! Well, click it and follow me!!

Do it! It's my birthday, as a present, follow me!

:) :)

I will have another blog post later; an after action report from last night's game.


  1. Happy Birthday to you Justin, and thanks for the link back!!!! 21 again???

    1. Cheers! Oh, I cannot even fake 21, but I might get away with 30.