Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WIP: 1708 Campaign Map

I am about 80% done with this campaign map. The version shown here is missing the terrain features, but that is because when I tried to render that version, my computer choked on it...likely because I had several other programs running at the same time. I am going to re-attempt to render it again tonight.

What I have left to do is add a few more population centers for the German States and perhaps one or two more for France. All of the player countries and non-player minor states, are done, barring an epiphany. I also need to add some marshy areas in Flanders and Brabant.

Next, I need to swap out all the roads and river routes and each of the population center placeholders (the colored circles) for icons or proper road/routes. The icons need to indicate size of population center, presence and strength of fortification, whether it is a port, and the current output of its economy (a number of the population centers were damaged during the recent Anglo-Dutch War).

Ideally, the map will be "zoomable" to an extent, allowing the players to view not only their own nations, but all of the others as well.

Update: The zoom does work on this version, somewhat. Just left click the map, then right click it and select view image, and then left click it again to zoom.
Here is the non-sepia version of the map, obviously with terrain.

If anyone with good knowledge of the terrain in what once was the Spanish Netherlands, and sees some significant features missing, marsh/thick forests, etc., for the period 1700-1720, then please let me know...especially my Dutch readers.

Updated: The sepia version with terrain (it took an hour to render).