Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Down for the Count!

Well then, just two days after my last post, the power went out here and when it came back up, my computer didn't.

After talking the situation over with a friend who is in the business, it turns out the problem may be my power supply after all, but I need to get it tested to be sure.

I am posting from a different computer that is not available to me normally, so any posts between now and when I get my desktop fixed will be the results of small miracles.

Speaking of miracles, I have been finally hired as a substitute teacher for two local school districts. I will begin working within a week or so, but with the approaching holidays and the 1 payday a month, it won't be until January that I see a return on this news.

At that time, I anticipate being able to repair my desktop, regardless of the problem.

Meanwhile, I have been gaming a bit, but not taking pics, in preparation for events at a mini-con my local club is sponsoring in March. In fact, we're to play Gutshot, an Old West, game, as I may run it at the con.

Of course, with my long lasting computer issues, I have not been able to begin the WSS campaign as I have to have access to the map program that the campaign map was drawn on. Difficult to have a map campaign without the map...

Until the next time, old chums!


  1. Well I'm glad you've got yourself some money coming in, maybe time to send that computer to the big one in the sky!

  2. Good to hear you're about and some things are looking up for you my friend!