Monday, December 17, 2012

10 Questions for the Wargamer answered.

 I am finally posting my answers to questions posed by the Dynamic Duo of the UK, Fran and Ray back in the Summer.
1.        Favorite Wargaming period and why?
This is a tough one as my professional, and personal, interests extend to all of military history. My area of specialty is 1607(ish) to 1815, with a greater focus on 1700-1714 and also 1792-1815. 

I do enjoy wargaming WSS, SYW, Wars of Napoleon, and ACW, primarily, but I suppose my interest in imagi-nations (early) places my favorite in WSS/GNW.

2.       Next period, money no object?
ACW, truly. I have ancestors, on both sides, who fought in the war or directly supported the war economically or logistically. I was a reenactor for a few years which cemented my interest in the period rather permanently.

3.       Favorite 5 films?
Somewhere in Time 
It's a Wonderful Life


Lord of the Rings (all three films)

The Hobbit (will be all three films)

4.       Favorite 5, err 3, TV series?
I haven't sat down to watch a television show in fifteen years, so this one is nearly impossible for me to adequately answer. Some shows I have viewed via Netflix or digital downloads, which are what I have listed here.

House - I really do identify with Gregory House in a number of ways. Mostly, due to my not giving a crap about a lot of things (or people).

Pushing Daisies - A cute little series that was, sadly, short-lived. My interest was drawn by 

And by

Battlestar Galactica (newer version) - it was all about her

5.       Favorite 5 books and authors?
Middle-Earth books: J.R.R Tolkien 

Warlord (series)

Alas Babylon
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
6.       Greatest General?
John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough
For a guy that suffered extensively from migraines and who had to cope with allies who made his job rather difficult at times, he won a war that lesser beings later gave away.

7.       Favourite Wargames rules?
Beneath the Lily Banners 2nd ed. & anything by Sam Mustafa
 01.Beneath the Lily Banners 2nd Edition



8.       Favourite Sport and team?
Sports... I was an avid player of sports, in my youth, but as an adult, my interest has waned. If pressed, I would have to say:
American Football and the Pittsburg Steelers

9.       If you had an only-use-once time machine, when and where would you go?
A tricky question, really. A modern person, sent back a century or more, would likely soon die from, or at least contract, a disease we're not exposed to in our present era.  Since I have my sons, going alone would be abandoning them, so another bad side-effect.  
Also, as a migraine sufferer (I have had a headache every day for 30 years), going to a time without any medicinal relief (opiates don't count as I am not a druggie) would be a hindrance. Instead, I would go forward, with my sons, 100 years, in the hope of finding a cure for our bad eyesight and propensity to suffer from migraines.

10.   Last meal on Death Row?


11.    Fantasy relationship and why?


And for holidays
and also
felicia day
Because I also happen to like good conversation and these lovelies would keep things interesting. Of course, with them in my life, I would have NO time for wargaming...I think I could cope.

12.   If your life were a movie, who would play you?

When sans facial hair 
When with facial hair

13.   Favourite Comic  Superhero?
Because the dude is bad@$$ without the damn tights from X-Men. The adamantium claws and skeleton, plus super-human healing, would keep me going for centuries.

14.   Favourite Military quote?
"Si vis pacem, para bellum" 

Flavius Vegetius Renatus

15.   Historical destination to visit?

The green hills of Ireland call to me in a way that only my ancestors would know and understand.

16.   Biggest Wargaming regret?
That I am too poor to be able to go to Historicon every year or even once a decade.

17.   Favourite Fantasy job?
Lecturer of Military History

18.   Favourite Song/Music piece Top 5?
Canon in D - I hate that this is now a wedding song as I enjoy it for the ethereal tonality when played  with piano, flute, and strings.
A Poor Wayfaring Man - my favorite hymn.
Thunderstruck by AC/DC - to get started on a Monday morning.
Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison
Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

19.   Favourite Wargaming Moment?
Don't have one, to be honest. I just like to be able to wargame when I get the opportunity.

20.   The miserable Git question, what upsets you?
When people act without thinking and only think without acting; action based solely on emotional responses. I also loathe people who tell me what I am thinking or give my actions meaning as they are invariably wrong on every count. I do not fall into whatever pattern they have learned in psychology as my aims and motivations are not based on the same thing as most everyone else.


  1. Some great answers Justin, looks like we've got a lot in common! Not the migraines though thank god! One problem though I can only see 1 of your pics the red headed lady in question 11.

    1. Ray, hopefully they work for everyone now. They worked for me on the laptop and on a family member's desktop.

    2. I can see most of them now, there's only 4 missing, the second pic, Battlestar Galactica, Girl Thursday and your Superhero.

    3. Should be all better, now. I think they problem ones were from being protected links on other sites.

      Ray, you sure you don't want the migraines? I have plenty to go around. :)

    4. All looking fine now justin, and no thanks I don't want to add migraines to my list!

    5. Well, if you change your mind, you know ow to reach me. Thanks, btw, for letting me know about the pics.