Saturday, December 22, 2012

Girl Geeks...Yes, they do exist!

*"Scotty, beam her up. Beam her up now!"

There exists a somewhat mythical tale of strange females who venture into the masculine world of Geekdom. While I have often heard versions of this story, usually with the women being gorgeous beyond description who hang on the every word of overweight, undersexed, and abnormal men, little evidence has been found to support the veracity of them.
 *The only estrogen here is in the pills taken by the guy wanting to change genders.

That is, until now. New archeological evidence has just surfaced within the last two years, with depictions of female geeks or "Geeknesses" if you would. This evidence, linked here, while as yet unverified by this investigator, may indeed be the missing link.

*Will she review my blog?

Now, I know some of you are thinking, "Hey, I have seen a girl at a game before" but anecdotes are not evidence. Also, it is a far different creature when it comes to the woman whom is attached to a man, through a relationship, who then discovers that man's geekness, and "suffers" through his fascination and participation in his hobbies. This creature considers the geek world as "something weird, but cute, which must be endured" as opposed to "hey, I think this is something I want to become more involved in for myself."

Unless, of course, this is what she looks like, and the becoming-a-geek step is taken just to meet men.
 *Remember, you cannot un-see this!

[After that, you NEED to look at this:

 *Imagine, if they were in your gaming group, what trouble with the wife or girlfriend would you have?
Pause here. Spend a moment. Feel better?]

Yes, Yes. There are plenty of variations of "eye candy" at gaming shows, dressed as scantily as it is possible to be without being arrested, but these are employees who are only there for the paycheck, not because they like being ogled, and often (sadly) fondled, by the male attendees.  Expecting otherwise is like inviting supermodels whom you don't know to your birthday party and thinking they will actually show up.
 *I'll invite these two to my next birthday party, but I'd have to dress up like Spock. Sorted!

This evidence may well help to save the human race. After all, as gaming becomes ever more popular with the young adult segment of the population, we will need for them to actually meet in order to have a chance for mating rituals to begin, let alone take place at all. Even better, the evidence proves that attractive, active, and creative females do exist, somewhere, in Geekdom. Good luck finding one, or more, for yourself.

Now, I will leave you all with holiday video, one prepared by several of the women pictured here. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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    1. All, but the two demotivators, are from the same lovelies who did the video. :)