Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wish List 2013

I had a few extra moments to hash out a second post for the week, as I was not called in to sub today. I thought I would post my wish list for the year, mainly as a reminder for myself to focus. My family has never "got" my interest in the wargaming hobby. The result being that I have never received from them a gift that could be associated with wargaming. Thus, I am left to my own devices, and wallet when there is something to go in it.

What follows is my list for the year, with regard to wargaming. This is not in any particular order.

1) Longstreet by Sam Mustafa.
2) Platoon Forward by Too Fat Lardies.
3) Troops, Weapons, & Tactics by Too Fat Lardies.
4) 8 boxes of ACW Infantry, 3 boxes of ACW Cavalry, 2 boxes of ACW Zouave infantry, and 3 ACW Artillery packs by Perry Miniatures. These are to go with #1 when it releases this summer.
5) Check Your 6! and a dozen or so planes to go with it.
6) Teddy Bear fur and hard grass mat for terrain making.
7) Army storage boxes or containers as the ones I have won't work with multiple based miniatures.
8) The time and space to paint more miniatures. If you knew how I lived, atm, you'd cry. I have less than 30 square feet of floor space open to me and that has to remain open so I can walk around in my rented room.  If you are worth in excess of $100 million, then contact me about buying me a house. :)
9) 12 assorted officer/ensign figures for my WSS army from Ebor Miniatures as they go well with my Wargames Factory plastics.
10) My M.A. in History. I include this as it will help to allow me to PAY for the above. If all goes well, I will graduate with it in May 2013.

and the bonus wish

11) 10mm WWII Pendraken miniatures, including Germans and Americans to go with #2 and #3 above. Will need several packs, probably $100 worth in total.

The biggest expense, limiting it to miniatures/rules, is #4 and will likely not happen, unless I can score a permanent teaching position by early Fall of next year. Of course, my necessary expenses for living, working, and supporting my sons will prevent me from acquiring even one of these items on the list until close to Summer. But, as we wargamers with families know, this is a balancing act that we never can get right.

I am curious as to what others are wishing for, for their own wargaming needs.


  1. Hhhmm? To be honest I don't really need any more figures, I'd just like to get some of my period's finished. I'm close to finishing the NYW, but I'd like to complete my FIW, Flodden and Dark ages, so that's my list!

  2. Yes, I have had to sell or trade away a number of my figures, in addition to the ones that were burglarized before summer, in the past year or so. I am mainly concentrating on skirmish sized armies and rules to go with them, apart from the ACW figures as that would become a full army to go with my WSS (giving me two periods I can play bigger games with). Until I am back to renting a home, I'm limited to mostly smaller fare.

  3. Pendraken you say? The Seven years war or AWI range is on my wish list for 2013. Although I am tempted to keep costs down by filling in the ranks with Old Glory 10mm!

    1. Yes, for 10mm WWII, it will be Pendraken for me. They have superb customer service and I like the style and prices of their miniatures. SYW and AWI will be awesome in 10mm, but what were you considering going with 15s or 25/28mms?

      I need to build some armies for Maurice, as borrowed figures take away from the fun. :)