Sunday, January 13, 2013

ATZ Campaign Begins

Okay, my sons are all at their respective mothers' homes again, and I am alone, still ill, but with enough energy to begin catching up on blog posts that I need to do.

We started the ATZ campaign a week or so ago, but with five sons, one of whom went back to school this week, with the eldest also in college, it was tough to get everyone together, and healthy enough, to fight more than a few scenarios.

We began the campaign with a few assumptions, some of which I may have posted or alluded to earlier.

1) The year is 2021 and the boys and I are playing ourselves in that distant future.
2) We all have knowledge and skills gained thus far in life, or for the younger ones, what they can expect to have gained within the intervening nine years.
3) Dad's is the rally point. This is how it is in real life, everyone is to rally on my home or place of living, should a disaster occur. In 2021, I would have a significant amount of food, ammo, batteries, etc., as I am one who prepares for the worst, but hopes for the best. We, as a group, concluded that I would have a large quantity of food, so I rolled 3d3 worth (3-9 months of food in ATZ) per person and the result was that I could feed all six of us for five months.
4) Michael would have taken that martial arts class that he wants to do.
5) Duncan would have served in the Army Reserve as an MP and been hired as a cop by the local police department.
6) Fionn would be working as an artist, locally, but also has trained in an intensive and combative "art" for several years (we couldn't explain his brawler skill any other way).
7) Liam and Aidan are both attending the local college and room together. Aidan has a car, which Liam shares the use of. As students, their resources would be limited, but they'd both have backpacks for carrying books and supplies around.
8) Our first area of play is our current locality.
9) All other family members are assumed to have moved away and are out of play. It would be difficult to explain, "yeah, we tried to save you, but zombies got to you before we could" when the lads share their gaming exploits, so this rule is in force.

The Zed Dawn blog, a link to it is located at the top of the left side frame, will be where we share the highs and lows of our post-apocalyptic future.

We hope you enjoy the reading of it.


  1. Nice story line, I hope the kids like the rules. They are great!

    1. Yes, they have had a great time with them. We cannot wait to play again in a couple of weeks.