Monday, January 28, 2013

Been a busy week

Due to some sales of personal miniature collections, I was able to come up with the dosh to pay for my last semester in my Masters of History program. Off went my entire Man O' War collection and a portion of my Epic collection, with some odds and sods of 40k and LOtR sets and blisters. Even ran into some Foundry Romans packs, which went fast on TMP.

Still a lot more up for sale. I just need to drag it out every so often and find what can be sold quickly. I even found some Warmaster blisters, which then reminded me of all the Warmaster stuff that was burglarized last May. Sigh.

Luckily, I am THIS close to graduating from grad school.

I have to post on Zed Dawn tonight, or tomorrow, the first of the 38 Days Later reports. Been meaning to get to that, but have been swamped with sorting other crises. My sons should be back this weekend, which means a naval game and a zed game. Hope none bring an illness with them this time.

Wish, wish, wish I had the dosh for my own laser cutter. Man, what I could do with that, apart from make money selling terrain. Well, lots of stuff coming to my blogs in the future. I may even get in a game tomorrow night, too.

Edit on 1/29/13

Was slammed, today. Then went and played a 25mm Warmaster game, using Samurai. I took pics and will post a battle report, but the first 38 Turns Later post is put off until tomorrow as I have work early in the morning.

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