Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scratchbuilt Pre-Dreadnoughts

Well, with three of us still down with illness, we still managed to get a little work done on priming figures (zombies, gangers, police, and military), assembling naval vessels, and I even based and primed an army for Dux Britanniarum. This latter force was made possible by the founding member of my wargame club. A couple of months ago, he began to unload large portions of his unpainted miniatures, from thirty years ago, and I was lucky enough to be handed a force of about 50 Viking-ish Citadel figures.  These will work as Saxons for DB, but I do need to comb through my own collection of Mordheim plastics in order to make up some archers.

As my sons, minus one, worked on their cruisers again, I worked on my pre-dreadnoughts. Since I had fewer cruisers than the rest of the group, I finished mine earlier. I figure my pre-dreadnoughts will give them enough ideas for building their own that it was worth completing them early.

Not a great shot, but you can see the ships. The one on the left is, under the rules, an Old Pre-Dreadnought, while the other two are Modern Pre-Dreadnoughts.

A better sense of scale, with a destroyer on the far left and cruiser on the far right. While the lighting, and my photography skills, are too poor to show off the paint scheme, essentially it is a medium brown decking and midnight blue for all else.

My sons have some pretty wild paint schemes, so those paint jobs are taking a bit longer, but I will show them when completed.

If my second eldest is recovered enough from being ill tomorrow, we will play ATZ.

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