Friday, January 4, 2013

The Zeds In Our Midst

It continues to be a house of plague, here, with a fourth member of the brood beginning to show signs of illness. The fifth one is testing his luck by proclaiming, "I never get sick!" Even so, more work was done in the shipyards today, but those pics will be later this weekend.

We wanted to get in a game of ATZ today, but with us still feverish and another confined to his bed, we just couldn't do it. Although, the remainder of us were sorely tempted to begin the campaign on our own, but I felt that would be unfair to those left out.

Since I have been mentioning ATZ from Christmas Day on, I thought I would post some pics to prove the existence of the figures here.

Caught in the spotlights, from left to right, Fionn, myself, Aidan, and Liam. Further to the right is a ganger (and a half).

The lousy camera refused to focus where I aimed it, unless I aimed it at a wall, so sorry for the slightly distorted appearances. Continuing from last photo, the gangers again, and the local doers-of-relative-good.

Now we see the vanguard of the zombie horde. I painted all of these and ended up painting most of my sons' pictured earlier, except Liam proved brave enough to paint nearly all of his (I did the hair and blocked out portions that bordered other colors). I began the zombies by drybrushing a mixture of Army Painter Army Green and a pale flesh color. I then went back and painted the clothes and hair, trying to use up whatever paint I mixed on the palette on different zombies, before going getting out another color.

I realize none of these photos do justice to the figures or the paintjobs and I will try to borrow a better camera from a family member, soon, to correct the visual display here.

While this is a slightly different shot from the first pictures, the spotlight is now on the zombies in the right rear.

Being apprised of our intentions, my two nephews want to play along with us, when opportunity permits. So, I will have them (the nephews) join the lads on outings when they are over to play, but when unable to join us, they will be guarding the hideout when the lads are searching for resources and gear.

These were models supplied by some of the persons unknown, there are others of the same line of figures that were already painted (I will show them at another time). We also received some 28mm figures. Now, the 28mm figures will be used as zombie "bosses" as my lads are all too familiar with console video games, which thrive on such enemies. I will paint up these models and use them when my lads are getting too cocky.

I do have a problem, though. I have no idea how to finish off the bases. I can do regular earth style with static grass, or a greyish rubble, or even a city streets look, but I don't really know that I would be pleased with those. I am happy to take suggestions from anyone with experience playing with zombie miniatures.


  1. I think grey for the zombie bases as it identifies them for what they are, nice work sir.

    1. That's a good idea, Fran. Forego the sand/gravel and flock, then?

    2. Hey, that is a good call! Totally stealing it.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers! I hope to do them justice soon, in a better pic.

  3. Nice work Justin, I like the crouching lady with the big boobies!