Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zed Hunters

Amidst cleaning up the holiday decorations at my parent's and several of the lads being sick (myself is the fault of the youngest!), we've tried to get as much done on our naval ships and zombie miniatures as we could. The weather did not cooperate at all last week, but this week has been sunny, albeit quite chilly.

We have each created a civilian for ATZ: FFO, and hope to be playing this weekend, provided the rest do not get sick (fevers are no fun).

I will post on the Zed Dawn blog about our group of civilians, but I do want to mention that the ATZ rules look to be very fun, especially the starting "Day 1" scenario that is downloaded through the THW Yahoo group.

Two zombie hunters, having just chosen their attributes.

In the process of creating our band of post-apocalypse civilians, we had some rather bad luck. The rules allow the player to choose a starting Rep, but because there were six of us, I felt that were we all to choose Rep 5, that this would unfairly give us significant advantages. So, I determined that we would each roll a single d6, with 1-3 being Rep 3, 4-5 being Rep 4, and a 6 resulting in Rep 5. Well, my younger three sons all got Rep 4 characters, but my older two sons and myself all rolled 1s! With no Rep 5 characters, we were looking at a short period of survival, so I "pulled rank", being the leader of the wayward band, and made myself Rep 5, much to the amusement of my sons. However, I explained that the rules allowed us to choose, and we needed a leader who could actually lead with a decent chance at doing so.

 My eldest looking through the attribute list, while my youngest passes along his flu germs (as it turns out) to my second eldest.

The setting for our family campaign is the year 2021, with us playing ourselves in our locality. This allows my sons to use their individual knowledge about our community and surrounding areas in order to have a better chance at surviving the downfall of humanity.

I will be posting our games on Zed Dawn, so I ask that any viewers of this blog, who are into Zombie games, to please check out our adventures over there.


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    1. LOL, no. :) I explained that since no one rolled a 6, and that since the rules state the player can choose their character's starting Rep as being either 4 or 5, that we needed someone who had Rep 5. They accepted that.

      Of course, most of them have combat skills that I don't have, so I have to watch my back. :)