Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Projects for 2013

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I've recently sold off a portion of my Games Workshop miniature collection, including all of my Man O' War, some Epic, and some remaining 40k. (I still have LOTR plastics from the boxed games, a few blisters, and some assorted boxed sets of metals). The influx of cash enabled me to pay off bills, like I mentioned in the last post, but as I've sold even more of my collection off, I was able to spend some dosh on figures (not many, but a few packs of this and that). I am one who needs to plan ahead, in order to keep things straight and avoid making bad purchases (my wallet demands the last bit). Thus, after the figure sell off and going through much of my remaining collection, coupled with the new figures, I am reordering my priorities for this year and next.

 1) Building and painting Union and Confederate armies for Longstreet is a must. If the rules reflect the promotional material at all, then I will be happy with the game. I can possibly earn some extra money by painting up units to sell via this blog.
     A) collecting two armies in 25/28mm is beyond my ability for the foreseeable future. I can do it in 10mm, so Pendraken is the way to go.
     B) basing scheme needs to fit with Longstreet AND Black Powder, so I will experiment with 30mm square bases, with either six or eight figures to a base.
     C) terrain is a problem. I have nothing for 15mm or even 10mm aside from what I am building for ATZ. Going to have to start with felt and slowly build up from there, possibly scratchbuilding everything.

 2) I am really liking Two Hour Wargames' rules. The suitability for solo play will help with when the lads are not with me, and for when I eventually move back to the East Coast.
     A) Rally Round the King: Figure requirements for 400pt armies is quite small. Average is less than 60 figures per army. Going with 10mm Pendraken for most, with gaps filled by Kallistra or someone else, will keep costs down. The game rules are easy enough for the lads and I to play together. What basing scheme? Do I follow DBx or go with 30mm square bases? DBx has the fecking issue with base depth differing amongst unit types. A PITA when ordering bases, but lines of troops may look and feel better than masses of troops for this type of game. Feck! Need to make a decision.
     B) Colonial Adventures: Going to have to go with 15mm here. The breadth of opponents alone requires it as no one has even most of the needed figures in 10mm. Besides, these rules are more large skirmish than big battle, and 10mm would take away from the experience.
     C) Larger Than Life: Small group skirmish, likely less than 20 models in a single game. Set in colonial period, but will move to 25/28mm scale for a narrative feel that cannot be had at 15mm. Must scratchbuild terrain as purchase cost is prohibitive. Lads and I can really dive into this. Empress Miniatures, Wargames Foundry, Wargames Factory, and some manufacturers of pulp miniatures would be best.
      D) Warrior Heroes: Legends : Another 25/28mm skirmish game. I have Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer Quest/Heroquest figures for this. Will use Reaper miniatures for player characters, and the other figures as opponents. Terrain is still an issue, but done right, I can use the same terrain from Larger Than Life. I do need plastic palm trees, though. Can find them cheap online, but the company that sells them for $.15 each charges $33 for shipping on a small order of 20. They can feck themselves, with a chevaux de frise, before I will consider paying for shipping at that price.
     E) All Things Zombie: I need to pick up I, Zombie, still, for the extras not found in Final Fade Out and Haven. The lads are really into this game, but most figure needs are sorted. We need specific Matchbox cars for certain encounters, beyond that, scratchbuilt terrain is the way to go.

3) The small pre-dreadnoughts that the lads and I are building are only really suitable for us to play with at home. However, using Bob Cordrey's examples larger ships, we could put on a nice naval game. Basewood, foamcore, and plasticard are needed. Also need 15mm naval mounted weapons, including pom-poms, machine guns, and maybe a 3pdr or 37mm gun, these are for scratchbuilt colonial wargame ships.

4) Maurice: It is about time that I built armies for this game. Kallistra's AWI range is perfect, and I can also use the armies for Black Powder, if based properly. 30mm square bases might be the way to go, although 40mm x 20mm is popular with many. They are expensive, and shipping isn't cheap either. I need to find a US based supplier whose mark up won't kill me, for smaller orders. Another candidate for selling painted units via this blog.

5) Beneath the Lily Banners: Army is nearly complete, as far as figure acquisition goes. I do need another three boxes of cavalry, but they aren't needed immediately. Campaign is delayed until computer can be repaired as the maps and strategic rules are on the harddrive. Hope the players can wait a little longer. Gives me a chance to take another look at some of the rules, to see if they can be streamlined, at least where character interaction comes in.

6) Need to sell Field of Glory army books, and hopefully the 1st edition rulebook. This project is cancelled due to too much effort required and little gain to be had.

7) 6mm TYW/ECW needs to be completed. The Baccus figures sit in a box, primed, but unpainted. After 8 years, it is time to finish them or sell them. Difficult decision as the period is interesting, but 25mm Warlord figures are appealing. Baccus are great, too, which is why it is hard to decide. They could be used for RRtK, though, but 30mm squares may be a bad basing scheme.

8) My now, near utter, lack of interest in sci-fi gaming is making my life easier. With zero temptation for new Star Wars or Star Trek miniature games, I can rest easy. With nearly all of my BFG ships stolen, the Rogue Trader RpG that I bought is now worthless to me. Cannot play without space combat, really, so I can try to sell the rules and books I have for it.

9) I am still owed 15mm SYW models from a trade this past summer. Whatever I get will be painted and based for Maurice, unless I can make another trade or sell them for Pendraken figures for ACW or Kallistra for AWI.

10) I need to find a way to win the state lottery without paying for tickets. All financial troubles would be at an end. Disappearing from money grubbing relatives would be a new issue, a fair trade for not having to worry about bills, I think.


  1. Sounds like a plan! I'm with you on the lottery as well!!!

    1. If I do win, I will share with you. If you win, you share with me. Deal?

      The plan was the easy part, firmly deciding on some manufacturers and then paying for it is the hard part. :)

  2. Ah plans for the year! Mine always come to nothing as I get so easily distracted!

    1. Oh, I doubt I will accomplish much of this until after the first week of May, when I take my graduate level exams. Starting this weekend, my nose will be in the books until the last week or so of April.