Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blogs that Inspire me

I love wargaming. There really is no period that I won't play, although my circumstances prevent me from purchasing armies to play the various periods that I'd want to collect for. Through unforeseen generosity, my sons and I acquired the necessaries to play All Things Zombie from total strangers. This is something I have blogged about and, due to RL issues, while we have not have opportunities to play over the past few months, my sons and I do talk about playing again when we get the chance. So, apart from my once a month club game, I've not been able to get in a game.

Thus, I live vicariously through the blogs of other gamers and painters. I enjoy reading battle reports, learning of new projects being started, reading reviews of new rules, etc. While this activity does not "scratch the itch" for me, it does provide enough of a salve to keep me going.

Therefore, I've chosen to post about blogs of individuals who inspire me. This list is in no particular order and by no means is it exhaustive, but I needed to keep things manageable for this post. Perhaps you readers will also be inspired to make similar posts of your own.

1. Wargaming Miscellany This wonderful blog, and the other blogs associated with it is the work of a fine gentleman named Robert (BoB) Cordery.
In addition to his reports and projects for colonial wargaming, he also has wonderful projects that expand the scope of gaming for individuals who are fairly well impoverished, such as myself. This post is especially interesting as it allows one to inexpensively create a wargame table, with terrain, and play a fast and easy game.

The above pic is from a recent post
He has many other gems and nuggets of gold which provide me with ideas for my own Imagi-Nation dreams, some of which may soon bear fruit, I hope.

2. Don't Throw a 1 and The Angry Lurker Authored by Ray and Fran, respectively, I include these two blogs as a single entry because they are quite similar to Siamese twins who have been surgically separated. The two gentlemen give the reader entertaining posts, often posting wisecracks on each other's blog.
  Fran's Victorian Sci-Fi models. 
A recent battle report from Ray.
I am certainly far more interested in AK47 Republic than I have ever been, because of these two gents.

3. Iron Mitten Authored by Secundus, the artwork alone is worth every moment I spend on the site. If you are not already following this blog, at least take a gander.
If only I could afford to pay him to create an original artwork for me....sigh.

4. Quinda Studios Authored by Clarence Harrison, I often imagine how my armies would look if I had his skills at painting.
I am more particularly interested in wargaming the War of the Spanish Succession, but this site has that and much more! Yeah, I am so envious of his painting. Were I a millionaire, he could retire from painting armies for me.

There are many more blogs that I visit, which also inspire me. Forgive me if I am a follower of yours, but did not include you here. I hope to do this again in the future, but wanted to not have a wall of text and images for this one post.

I the reader does not yet follow any of these blogs, then I heartily recommend them. In fact, any blog I follow is worth reading. I hope to get my personal life sorted out to a point where I can more regularly post and also have my own table and painted armies. 


  1. Very good post Justin. I was not following #' 3 & 4. I have now rectified that oversight. I'll have to put together a similar post.

    1. Thanks, Sean! There are so many good and great blogs, but not time enough in a day to discover them all. Thus, guideposts are helpful to show the way.

  2. A good little list Justin, but Fran's blog??? Come on!!!!!

    1. :) Well, he IS Irish, after all.

    2. I'm blushing and Ray you're still a dirtbag from Denton!