Saturday, August 31, 2013

Denied and Disappointed!

Well, due to a last minute cancellation by critical personnel, my game convention weekend ended before it began.

Circumstances being what they were for the planned trip, when our host received word that a business partner could not make the trip, myself and Brent (who were going to run five or six games between us) were left without any transportation to and from the convention from our lodgings. This left us in a serious bind and we had no time to establish alternative transportation.

So, Murphy strikes again, just as he always does, causing me to go yet another year without attending a game convention. My RL situation being what it is, even if I came into a lot of cash next year, that still does not mean I would be free to go.

Instead, I got roped into fixing a roof (since I was now available to help) and am spending the entire weekend in 100+ degree heat helping out a friend of my father's. We will be finished with it by Monday afternoon, so yes my Labor Day weekend is completely shot. I am even too exhausted to work on the ACW rules that I have been tinkering with.

Stating that I am disappointed is something of an understatement, but such is my lot in life.

Hope the rest of you have a better weekend than I.


  1. I feel for you man. That blows. Sending good vibes your way. Stay hydrated on that roof.

  2. Oh crap!! You don't seem to have a lot of luck Justin, do you?

    1. Oh, I have plenty of luck, but it's all bad. :(