Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quick Update

It has been a particularly stressful couple of weeks, between job hunting, computer problems, and other RL issues that never seem to get resolved. Friday will be a huge day, either adding to my stress level or reducing it somewhat, depending on the outcome of certain events. We'll see...

I have been spending what little time I could on refining the ACW rules I have been working on., especially as I did end up having a few holes in them which need to be dealt with. The holes are minor, but I wanted them taken care of before I post the first draft.

I have an old friend and club mate who has opened a game shop about 40 minutes away. I am planning on visiting the shop tomorrow evening, with some other friends, in support, but as I have no room in my budget, I won't be buying anything.

I have put in nearly 800 job applications since 2008 and so far, nothing in the way of a full-time job. I am still a substitute for two school districts, but the income barely maintains me in my present and undesireable position. However, I do have a promising prospect, depending on the outcome of some examinations I have to do extremely well on (as there are hundreds of applicants for the same position). If I get this job (fingers crossed, incense burning, prayers offered, etc.) the income may be sufficient to allow me to move into a 3 bedroom home. Which is almost back to where I was pre-divorce.

While not counting on such good fortune, it would sure be nice to have some measure of relief from stress. Meaning I will also be in a position to church out painted miniatures by the bucketload, build terrain, construct custom game tables, and get a camera that will be good for close up photos of miniatures.

In the interim between now and the results of my efforts being made known to me, I look at my boxes of collected, but unpainted and unassembled, miniatures and imagine...


  1. Good luck with the exam, I've got my fingers crossed for you!!!

    1. Thanks, Ray! I took the exam early this morning. I do know I made two minor errors on it, typos really. However, my errors were due to the....fecking software they used. I am fairly fast on the keyboard, but the Flash based software had either a bug or a built in buffer and the faster I typed, the less input actually occurred on the screen. I sometimes had to hit the number or letter a dozen times, just to get it on screen.

      Needless to say, the process was a ball of frustration, especially as the information was only given once.

      Other than that, I am confident that I did well on the rest of the exam. The results will be sent to me within 30 days, so we'll see.

  2. Meant to comment earlier. Good luck and I hope that you can work some more hobby time into your schedule in the future.

    1. Thank you! Am in a holding pattern for a few weeks, until the results are emails to me.