Thursday, October 31, 2013

Siege by Dice: Draft

Well, it has been a tiresome month or so since my last post. With my desktop still down, for over a year, my laptop decided to follow suit with a serious corruption of my registry files. Luckily, this was not due to some virus or a defective harddrive, but rather some glitch that occurred in the shutdown process. This prevented me from even logging in to my own computer, but I was able to at least turn the thing on and work at trying to fix it.

Now, presumably, this is behind me as I am using said laptop to type this.

I have been steadily working on a set of rules to be used for resolving sieges without fighting a tabletop battle. This is a very necessary tool for my pending 1708 campaign as siege games can be tedious, require much player time and travel, and we are likely to have several during each campaign turn.

So, I now present to you the draft version of these rules, for your review and comment. I do need to add some examples, as well as tidy up some of the wording, but the main bits are there and hopefully easily understood by the reader.

Please download and read the rules, then comment here as to your thoughts. I am very much open to suggestions, especially for some of the terms I used, but also as to what you think of the processes described therein.

Here is the link:
Siege By Dice


  1. The link wont allow me to download, I get an Access Denied message

  2. Hey Justin, way behind on reading blogs. Just saw this and have downloaded it successfully. Hope to give it a read through.