Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Saga: Normans vs Anglo-Danes

Several months ago, the club starting to seriously get involved in playing Saga. Many members, not including myself, purchased and painted 6-12 points worth of troops. Others, including me, happily used troops "loaned" from the first group to play some games.

After about six battles, I am hooked on the playing part, not yet on the buying, assembling, and painting part. I lack time, money, and space, at the moment. Yet, when offered a chance to play, I take it.

Thus, a week ago Tuesday, several of us got together at the local FLGS and played a multi-player scenario, designed and run by Brent.

Ron, Evan, and myself took on the mantle of the stalwart defenders of Northern Britain/Scotland, who faced the evil usurpers of the crown, the Normans. The gits (players) commanding the wholly broken army that is the Norman list for Saga were, Alex, Manny, and Brent (pulling double-duty as umpire).

The heroic defenders were tasked to protect a village and pallisade, whilst the despicable Normans were intent on laying waste to the peaceful and innocent inhabitants of the area. Game length was 10 turns and the Normans were given first move.

 photo IMG_20140325_200204090_zpscbad159e.jpg
Here, Alex and Manny are at top and left of the frame, whereas Evan and author are at top right and middle right of frame We are already a few turns into the game. Notice the line of archers/crossbowmen in the center left.

Manny chose to mass his missile troops in the center, while Alex and Brent pressed on the flanks. Luckily, this freed my Saga dice to support my allies as I had very little movement to do throughout the game. On the other hand, I did take numerous casualties to missle fire, but not as many as I would have had I not passed so many armour saves.

 photo IMG_20140325_200214575_zpsed5ff83c.jpg
My left flank, vikings commanded by Ron, who are facing Brent's turn-coat Anglo-Danes. Ron gave nearly as good as he got, but was giving ground. You can see, in the top of the frame, a little of my action.

On my right, Alex's cavalry slowly, but progressively, advanced to Evan's flank and charged in. The contest was indeed bloody, which also included my using Saga dice to kill some Norman knights, with Evan losing two units of warriors, for killing off one unit of knights and hurting the second.
 photo IMG_20140325_200258113_zpsa736949e.jpg
Evan makes an offering to the dice gawds, prior to receiving cavalry charges.

We had to call the game due to time, but the Anglo-Dane defenders barely held the invaders off.


  1. Looked and sounded good Justin, I've played these rules before and enjoyed them but not took the plunge either.

    1. As often as we are now playing, I should be purchasing figures and rules, but I am already committed to doing that with other armies/periods. Tell you what, if I win the lottery, I will buy you a 6pt army and the rules. If YOU win the lottery, buy ME the same. :)

  2. Like Fran, I've only played the game once, funnily enough it was against him, ( I won by the way?) I've got the rules and the figures but none of the inclination to play them! Great looking game though and love the rather unusual grass effect!

    1. I've found that I want more of a story behind the action, to motivate me beyond participation with other people's rules and miniatures. Too Fat Lardies' Dux Britanniarum has nice mini-campaign set-ups, which would work well with Saga, I think. Brent and I have discussed his running a campaign along those lines.