Friday, March 17, 2017

8mm Napoleonic Game.... miniatures, terrain, and board!

As I was searching through my usual round of blogs, I saw this mentioned on one of them.

I quickly went over to the Perry Miniatures website and ordered two. I just checked this morning, and the price has gone up since my order.

I believe they have a massive success on their hands already. YOU might want to order one (or two!) for yourself before they are gone.


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    1. Think of it as an easy way to bring someone into the miniature wargaming hobby. Games Workshop (love them or hate them... but I have some fond memories) became a success due to their boxed games, packed with miniatures.

      The Perry twins are doing something on their own, for historical wargames.

      Lots of people rave about Command and Colors, but only the WWI game came with miniatures AND the terrain and gameboard are not 3D and in plastic.

      I imagine I will swap out the 8mm plastics, at some point, and use 6mm Baccus figures as my troops. An easy convention game, to boot.

      Thanks for the reply, Ray.