Friday, March 17, 2017

Still around....

About the first week of February, I came down with a sinus infection. Six week later, I still have the sinus infection and it has been dragging be down a bit. I also copped influenza for a week, and I am now on my second week of bedrest....which is NOT what I want to be doing as my students really do need me there.

I have been able to get some reading done, but not as much as I would like. Between spells of nausea and dizziness, the words get all fuzzy.

I did purchase three books by Christopher Duffy, two on fortifications and one on the experience of warfare in the age of reason. I've been able to read a bit of the latter during my several doctor visits.

I look forward to reading the other two, although I have glanced through both. I bought them as I am looking at handcrafting a 2mm-ish Vauban fortress that will fit on a 100mm hex. The ones I bought from Irregular Miniatures are too large by 3cm. :(

Additionally, I (may have mentioned this before), but I enjoy reading Bob Cordery's as he has a lot of different themes in his posts and the additional links on his site.

About a month ago, I purchased his The Portable Wargame. I found it far more interesting that I had initially considered it to be and it has inspired me to create my own portable wargame to take with me on trips.
I bought some 10mm WW2 Germans and Soviets from Pendraken, and I will show those off, once they arrive. I am looking for 3/8" foam that I can cut into 2.25" squares for hills, and I also ordered some trees that will be about the right size. I already own several vinyl chess mats, and I will simply use one of those for the battlefield.

I have a LOT more to catch up on, but I cannot take much more of the computer screen....sadly. I may be up to posting again tomorrow or so.


  1. Here's hoping for a continued and hopefully faster recovery.

  2. Thank you. I need the break, but I don't really want the break. I want to be productive and working...

    Of course, when I want the break, I don't get one :)

  3. You can never go wrong selecting Duffy for a read. His Military Experience in Age of Reason is classic. Cordery's book is on my reading table too.

    1. I have several other of Duffy's books, but I am now in a position where I can slowly purchase the ones I have wanted. I'm looking forward to Cordery's next book.