Monday, August 21, 2017

ImagiNations - The Cast

Images are always a nice way to give flavor to a story. While not absolutely necessary, they are helpful in setting the scene.

Therefore, may I introduce the following members of the cast, the movers and the shakers, the powers that be:

Her Ladyship Deena, Duchess of Khornwallistein. Never was a rose such a beauty.

Count Mykal, friend and ally of the Duchess. Unrequited love is a hobby of his.

Markgraff Byren, coveter of the Duchess, especially her lands. Eyes wide set and one being of glass.
Prince Krigor, rejected suitor of the Duchess. His youngest son is ten years the elder of the Duchess.

Prince Bishop Ivan Bratovich, dim-witted, but good hearted peacemaker. Everyone speaks well of him, but none invite him to dinner.

The several burghers, indecisive and greedy. Some would say these are their best qualities.

Earl Helmut von Sinestre, his best portrait. Loathsome is his "middle name." 

And thusly the stage is set, the play only a moment away from beginning. The rogues and knaves gather in the shadows, pulling strings from behind a curtain. Can stalwart friends save the Duchess or will they succumb to their enemies. Who else lurks in the corners?

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