Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ImagiNations - a plea

As I jump further into this activity as an ImagiNator (my made up word, but you are free to use it), I realize that I want 15mm armies and 28mm figures for photos and scenes for the story side of things.

However, I do not have a good feel for what is available and from whom, that would satisfy an 18th century itch for civilian miniatures.

Does any reader of this blog, even the accidental passerby, have some links to manufacturer's they could share?

I do like the Minden line available from Fife and Drum, but their civilian offerings are very limited.

I do know that Wargames Foundry has an extensive, and old, line of somewhat stunty and beefy figures. They look good, but I am looking for a line that is a bit younger and is going in new directions. Don't get me wrong, I'll purchase a number of the Foundry figures, but they will not look spectacular alongside the Minden civilians I am ordering.  They will also be far more expensive as they are sold in collections and I cannot get them individually.

Prince August produces 40mm SYW figure molds, but not for civilians and really, just getting set up to cast my own military figures would be large expense and I'd still not have the civilians.

What would be superb is a single site where ImagiNators could go to find links to manufacturers whose products would be of use to us.

Emperor vs Elector has some useful information, but they are blogposts by other ImagiNators, and it is a real slog to find information on manufacturers. However, if an interprising person were to create such a site, it would certainly be worthwhile to many.


  1. You might find some C18th civilians in various pirate ranges.

  2. Thank you for responding. I did look at the pirate ranges in 28mm, that I could get to from work. A couple have some interesting possibilities. I will post next on some of what I found in my search.

  3. Crusader Miniatures 7 years war currently on offer at North Star!