Friday, August 25, 2017

ImagiNations - The Quest for Necessary Implements

In my search for 28mm figures to use with my ImagiNations project, I came across Blue Moon's line of Swashbucklers, Rogues, and Desperadoes, which I had not seen before. While a bit more pricey than many or most other 28mm lines, it does have something going for it. It is strong in the area of theme.

While my preference would be to buy the individual figures I might want for my needs, the contents of each boxed set do fit well together and, depending on what one might wish to portray, they can be used for many things, including civilian defenders or mob, fashionable members of society attending a function, and of course robbers and rogues.

What is even more spectacular is that these themes are carried over into their 15mm line and which can also be bought using the Old Glory army card discount.

Yes, the painted miniatures in the last box image are 28mm and those in the picture above are 15mm.

It gets even better. They have two types of coaches, one moving and one standing, both are available in 28mm AND 15mm.
And while they do not have an extensive 28mm line or at least as extensive as Wargames Foundry, they do support two different scales with similar models, which makes it very suitable for ImagiNations. Their 15mm line of civilians and non-professional army figures is far more extensive for the period, than I've seen in most any other line, but I am still searching.

A major downside, however, is their 15mm line is actually sold as 15/18mm and according to reports they are generally much larger than other 15mm lines. I am going to have to purchase some...such a sacrifice, I may have to take donations to offset the expense  :) ... and compare between OG 15s and BM 15/18s.

More later...

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