Monday, September 11, 2017

A Possible Replacement for Wargammer Fantasy Battles in 15mm

This photo does not do the miniatures justice.
Update: Their campaign became fully funded on 9/14. WTG! Lots of people I know will be happy with more 15mm fantasy.

I am an old school Warhammer Fantasy Battles player, from the mid-80s. I own or owned a lot of the miniatures and books. I used to live and breathe the world as it was both fascinating and majestic in that dark and Gothic tone that it is so well known for.

When Games Workshop made yet another blunder by offing the game and replacing it with a skirmish system, the fearful wails of millions of gamers seemed to be snuffed out in an instant.

I gave it up and swore off GW forever. I've not bought so much as an overpriced paintbrush from them.This coming from someone who loved the company and who enjoyed working there; it was like Christmas almost every day of the year. But the cold hand of undeath took me by the financials and I had to part ways. Soon after, the great slaughtering of GW Baltimore employees occurred and many of my friends and former co-workers were unceremoniously kicked to the curb. I got out before the company forced nearly everyone out.

Now, a former co-worker and supervisor of mine, has arisen like a phoenix, with a new mass fantasy battles rules system and lovely and seductive 15mm metal goodness is beginning to flow out of some Dwarf foundry in Pennsylvania. Battle Valor Games, and appropriate name, seeks to claim fields of battle and magic for itself.

Take a glimpse, mortal, and see what opportunities away you.

Exhibit 1 - Declians (Undead)

Exhibit 2 - Delvians (Dark Elves)

Exhibit 3 - Dwarians (Dwarves/Dwarfs)
Exhibit 4 - Frigian War Mammoth
Exhibit 5 - Frigian Characters

They have a Kickstarter campaign, please support them. It's a one man operation, but he hires out the sculpting [click the link above]. Only 1 bloke from the UK is supporting them and 20 Yanks. What a bunch of ....... Hey you Brits and Irish who read this blog, support this campaign. You cannot let us former colony types show you up again.

I love you guys and gals, especially the gals, from the UK. Come on.. man and woman up! They've less than 3k to go, as of this post.

I mean, it's FRIGGIN 15mm!

Someone's doing it right, for a change, help 'em out and kick in.

Full Disclosure: I've not contacted the owner of Battle Valor Games and he has no idea I'm a former co-worker. He was a good boss and I feel he deserves to sell me (and you) some damn fine 15mm fantasy miniatures at less than $1 a figure.

Do it.

Do it now.

Go ahead and click

If you do, maybe I can arrange for you to meet a sexy mink

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