Saturday, September 2, 2017

ImagiNations - The Map

This is the current map of the local region, centered on the major powers involved in the conflict at hand.

Notice, that I have two unnamed, as yet, countries to the south west, largely due to GIMP continually forcing borders around the text, which I just could not stop and was too frustrated to keep at it.

In the northern part of the map, the Republic of Yarweg is a new to the readers here. I need to update the roster, for all to see, but essentially the Yarwegs (not to be confused with the Yarwegians as an ethnicity and Yarwegians as a religious group) are a "gift" to my friend, Brent, in that he's a ginger and his distant family (way back up the tree) are Scots. In my world of ImagiNations, the Yarwegians take the place of the Scottish and will be using Jacobite period figures to represent them.

The orange bordered area is the Kingdom of Grek, which is loosly based on Greece under the Ottomans. The leader's name is Pasha Ayadara Galama.

The purple bordered area is influenced by our Scandinavian region, primarily the Swedes under Gustaf Adolf and Charles XII, but also Finns and Norwegians. I have not come up with an official name for it yet, but I am looking back into Scandinavian histories for inspiration have named it the Baronies of Wanniir, with Baron Vasa Kalamari as the senior baron of the three baron ruling council.

The mountainous region between Tzeeberg and Slaavia is not a country at all, but rather a tumultuous area that has proven impossible, thus far, for anyone to subdue. I have based it on the Tyroleans of 1809, but also include some Croat and Hungarian influences of the previous 160 years. I figure this region will supply mercenary units to its neighbors, for a price.

The rest of this map portion will be filled in with more nations, but I am purposesly keeping it small for the time being.

The borders appear a little screwy as I have not figured out how to split the colors between borders in Hexographer, assuming it is even possible.

This are is perhaps 1/8th of the total land mass of the continent. Down the road, should we get that far, perhaps these nations will explore and discover what else there is of their world.

Don't forget to vote on the map for the dedicated blog, if you have not already voted, that is. I do appreciate the votes and comments received.


  1. Lookin good!

    I don't think you can do borders that are adjacent in different colours in Hexographer. I simply used a single colour for all of mine. You can see how I did mine here...

    1. Thanks. I figured as much, but was holding out hope just the same.

  2. Thanks for getting me onto Hexographer!